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Bug a14

hello, can you communicate with me, I have already sent you several pms regarding the Lc3 bluetooth LE codec and you can also write off the charging problems, thanks @Mattias_ASUS 

jirk223 by Rising Star I
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Proximity sensor problems

Hello, when I listen to a WhatsApp audio with the cell phone pressed to my ear and the audio is longer than 30 seconds, the proximity sensor is activated correctly and after exactly 30 seconds the screen is activated and turns on with a low brightnes...

Resolved! New Asus Rog phone 7 Firmware, help me

Hello, what a community, I'm new to manual updates. ( i got this phone Yesterday)The question is:When updating a Firmware, does the Android version update? Example: I have the version Android 13, and I don't want Android 14 because I have read in for...

Screenshot_20240604-165204_Chrome~2.jpg Screenshot_20240604-170055_Chrome (1) (1).jpg
Ulib by Star II
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Resolved! Android 15 for ROG phone series

Been a while haven't updated still no luck so anyways when is this released version update everything on this phone 

Kyouzo by Star II
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ASUS ROG 7 phone

I have just recently not been able to receive or call anyone?? I'm with Telstra in Australia have contacted them and they can't figure it out anyone have suggestions?1. I have reset the Network2. Yes tried putting it to airplane mode have restarted t...

Asus rog phone 7 slow wifi speed

My 2 of my other devices could reach 300mbps upload and download but my Asus rog phone 7 can only reach 30 mbps. Is this a hardware/software issue or is something wrong with my router? I have tried resetting network 2 times but it still reaches the s...

8b14ca4b-21bc-40fa-836e-557d2d1ef508.jpg Screenshot_20240603-201220_Chrome.jpg
Xinijia by Star I
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Resolved! Batter usage report bug?

The battery usage of Instagram shows 59.5% was used in 50 minutes plus 8 minutes of background time. But on the top,the bar charts shows that I don't even use over fifty percent in that hour. I knew that I haven't use that much battery in that hour, ...

Warzone Mobile - Scenario Profiles - Phone 7

Hey all!Just wondering if anyone out there has any guidance or tips on how best to set up a scenario profile for Warzone Mobile? Just looking to get the best possible performance from the phone. I'm specifically looking at the custom performance prof...

cbloom by Star I
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