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Android 14 en Rog 7

Star II

hello! I updated to Android 14 to the latest version (71) and it's great! like on android 13! zero problems for now! and in games I don't have fps drops or overheating either! Tencent version!


Rising Star II

Who believes this guy! He is either a pathetic moderator or developer ! Who gives a $hit about what you are saying ! 🤣

Dude is definitely lying ! He just joined Zentalk a week ago! Take whatever he's saying with a pinch of salt.


Llegó la versión 76!


Rising Star II

give me your screen record from settings to playing game without cut

1. show ur current version of android in settings

2. open your game genie to show the rest temperature

3. open your game, slide your game genie to show the fps, play for 30 - 60 min

4. open game genie again immediately after playing those game

^ 4 step above but with camera from another phone too make sure that the recording is not from emulator


if you said like it's too hassle, then don't blame us if we think this is just stupid move from ASUS


if by any chance you r part of ASUS, then consider this is actually categorized in false pretenses and we can use it in court

He is Just a kid need attention, don't care what is he saying