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All I need is an estimated date for Android 14 issues to go away.

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So I am not a gamer, but I have the Rog7 Ultimate phone.  Because I work in IT (and have done so for 35 years), I always wait for major updates to settle as there are often issues when migrating from one OS version to another.  I purchased the Rog7 device because it has significantly less bloatware than Samsung, OnePlus, or other general consumer phones.

I use my device for Microsoft Teams, remote support for my clients (as it is large enough and fast enough for me to actually manage server and desktop settings, as well as monitor firewalls and edge devices.

I have been familiar with Asus for decades and have utilized Asus products in a variety of situations that include system boards, laptops, and desktops.  I have generally been extremely happy with Asus and the quality of product offerings.

I purchased the Rog7 device because I want to migrate my client base away from Samsung and other bloatware heavy vendors for security purposes in business environments because allowing manufacturers access to personal information is against nearly every HR policy I have reviewed.

As such, this is my first Asus telephony device and on Android 13 I have been very pleased with performance and can monitor/track/manage the device through Cisco-Meraki management tools, as well as utilized a managed Bit Defender security offering to reduce malware from end users who do not know when or where to click and who "always" fail to read the fine print on their choice of apps.


Back in the middle of February I initiated a chat session with Asus Support regarding Android 14 based upon the issues raised in this forum and was promised a response to my two question within a couple of business days.  One question was battery drain with Life360 to which Asus promptly responded with a request for screenshots which I provided.  The second question was regarding planned stabilization of the Android 14 OS on the Rog7 phone.  I (so far) have zero feedback from Asus regarding Android 14 so my only source of information concerning stability, reliability, updates or flaws has come from this forum.

Because I have worked with Asus in the past, as well as many other Asian brands, I never expected quick responses, fancy website support, prompt callbacks, or quick email responses.  I knew this going into the purchase of the Asus Rog7 phone and it did not matter to me because with 35 years in IT and a lot of experience with Android, Apple, and (back in the day) Windows phones, I assumed that I could pretty much work my way around any minor issues.

However, as the Android 14 issues have not been resolved for a significant period of time, I am reconsidering the idea of utilizing Asus telephony based devices going forward, as I cannot have issues such as have been raised in this forum, occurring at client sites.  I am requesting an official statement regarding Android 14 on Rog7 devices (which should probably also include the version 8 Rog devices), regarding the issues raised in this forum, any updates on progress toward correcting the issues raised, and how Asus plans to alleviate these problems going forward.   Thank you in advance from a 65 year old IT person who worked in DOS before Windows was even a thing...


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Today I went to the store where I bought my Rog Phone 7 to ask what I should do with this A14 problem. We agreed that tomorrow I will take my phone to that store and they will send it to warranty service where they can downgrade the stable Android 13 system back. I had no problems with Android 13 and I personally use this phone for heavy gaming. When Android 13 is restored here, I'll keep an eye on the situation and when sometime in the future there will be a stable Android 14 system, only then will I update it again, if not, then I'll stay with the Android 13 system because it works like a dream.

We would be very grateful if you can insist that they give you access to the Android 14 to 13 downgrade software

So we can also manually downgrade our phones 

Many of us do not have access to an official ASUS service center.

How much longer are we going to wait ASUS? We've been 1 month and still haven't resolved the problem. Or perhaps they are waiting for a lawsuit to come to them for rendering their consumers' phones useless.

I tried here in India but its even worse of all as the service centre guy said that they wont be able to do a roll down to android 13 as there was an android 14 update to fix issues in android 13 , what cr#p . worst ever decision to buy Asus ROG phone 7, the cherry on the cake is the support from Asus its just so painful that confirms my decision not to buy Asus phone any more and would encourage my gaming friends rather go for iPhone / or Samsung