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Aeroactive cooler 7 issues?

Star III

Is it just me or does you aeroactive cooler automatically sets itself to cool mode after 4 hours in frozen mode?

X mode + is active and I'm on bypass charging.



In some cases the AAC might change modes to avoid condensation within the phone.

The problem is that it doesn't condensate since the air is dry here. Its stay just below 34°c and above 31°c. Switching to a different mode automatically is really a problem since it would set itself to cool and I really can't just remove and put it back in once in game. After a match i tried to remove and attach it back and it feels really hot the temperature peaking at 38°c. 

Star III

possibly the aero cooler overheats and automatically set itself to cool mode instead or the cable sometimes disconnect on its own making itself change to cool mode

Not really, after I remove it in frozen mode its really cold. I tried checking my cable as well but its not damaged or somewhat lose.