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About the .217 update situation

Star III

I'm currently checking why people are complaining about the update and i noticed that both idle and on-zentalk wattage is completely fine for me (former being 0.8w, which is not too shabby - latter being screenshotted (see picture). Actually, it got even better this update, but again, in my case

Let me know what temps and wattage you all get (check with lyb kernel manager, found in the play store and doesn't need root).Screenshot_20230821-230447_Chrome (1).jpg

 P.S. I don't know why i'm doing what the moderators (or whatever they're called) should be doing instead of not doing jack s***. Enjoy somewhat unbiased info while i'm still hanging in here and have not lost my mental sanity over absent communication lol


P.P.P.S. have a great rest of the day/night because why not (it took me a decently long time to write this for whatever reason)


Yes you can use this to convert however, there's other things you have to do to fully convert. I can't advise anymore on this because of the risks. Also mine is the global version. 

Star III

@MaceDraconik @waxy78611 I am staying at my current version, hopefully my phone wont suddenly restart/unexpectedly reboots.

Yeah fair enough. Also it seems like flashing raw requires an unlocked bl so yeah stay on it.

Nope, doesn't require a unlocked BL. Unlocked BL is for converting/customs ROMs/rooting.


If you've downloaded the ROM, unzip the file & from the unzipped file double click "flash all & wipe data".


Make sure your phone is plugged into the pc with usb debugging o make sure it's plugged in in recovery mode.

Make sure fastboot, ADB & all correct drivers are installed beforehand 

Rising Star I

Still getting 11 hour SOT in (.217) firmware.

N.B - I don’t play games. just full time regular use with 165Hz full time.