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£1200 phone no DSU option available, great job ASUS

Star III


All potato phones has a DSU option available but the £1200 “gaming phone 😂😂😂” doesn't.

Thank you ASUS great job 👏👏👏

Every day I learn something new and have more regret for making the mistake of buying “ASUS gaming phone 😂😂😂”. 


Rising Star I

**bleep**, it's almost been 3 weeks since the phone became unplayable. I bought this phone last year for the November release of Warzone Mobile, but the release date was moved to this spring. Now Warzone mobile is released this month and I can't play it because the phone is full of bugs and the performance is only half of normal. Anyway, I want this phone to work because it pisses me off that I paid a good 1000 euros for this and now you can't play with it even though this SHOULD BE A PHONE EXPRESSLY INTENDED FOR GAMING. **bleep**, I haven't even been able to play Call of Duty Mobile for almost 3 weeks, or any other game. And what does Asus do in this situation that it caused itself, well, nothing at all.