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ROG 6D phone screen freeze while trying to play video

Star I

My ROG 6D experiencing bugs while I try to watch/load a video, no matter on social media (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook) or on video taken on the camera of ROG 6D in the gallery. I can still hear the audio playing but the screen are bugging/lagging or a black screen. It will play normally sometimes after 4 to 5 seconds of black screen which it normally won't. Need to restart the phone to solve this issue (not guarantee fix), but after certain time like in 30mins or an hour the same issue appears again. Is there any method to solve this?

Phone model: ROG Phone 6D

Android version: 12

Firmware Version: WW_31.0840.0840.67

Rooted or not: No 


Zen Master II

Try to reset your phone

Community Manager
Community Manager
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