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downgrade to android 12 rog phone 6d

Star II

hey, brand new rog phone 6d, it was on android 12, just upgrade to android 13 and speakers seems to have far less bass. Is it possible to downgrade to android 12 ?



You can try doing a factory reset to see if the leftover code might be messing with the audio.
For a downgrade I would recommend contacting a Service Center as they are the ones doing the procedure, but the information in the phone will be deleted, so it's always best to try a factory reset first.

Same issue, already did a Factory reset and no change

I also have the same issue, updated to Android 14. Less performance, the speaker sounds are about to explode when playing games like literally sound flickering( on games) bugged armory crate and the worst of all, the battery always drains fast. Just bought the phone (ROG 6D)  a week ago. 

Yeah that's it, seems like a blown out speakers, can't produce bass without crackling. I Also have the same issue on zenfone 9 Android 14 and impossible to find a way to downgrade for see if there is any improvement