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Can't detect 5Ghz wifi and OTA updates. Rog phone 6D CN

Star III

Hi guys. 

I have an asus rog phone 6D not unlocked and not rooted, i was able to receive OTA updates. I'm on version 33.1203.0404.134 .

The problem is that i can't detect any 5Ghz wifi or detect OTA without rebooting the phone while in airplane mode. And then when i disable it again every 5Ghz wifi disapear. Can someone help me please ? I think that there is something wrong with my software or i don't know maybe i have to reinstall the full thing.

There is no asus service center in my country so i have to do it on my own. Please help ! 


Star III

Sorry i meant 33.0404.1203.134 . 


That's a bit odd, I'm going to have the dev team check this.
Do you happen to know if you service provider supports the ROG Phone 6D on their network? If they don't then that could explain why your ROG6D is not finding 5G.

I was just checking your older post and you did mention that you had done the process to convert it into a WW, that is rooting, and explains why you are not receiving OTAs, a rooted phone cannot be unrooted.

Hola, tengo el mismo dispositivo y me pasa exactamente lo mismo: En muchas ocasiones no detecta la red 5G y por alguna razón que no sé, la red 2.4G me va muy lenta para jugar videojuegos. y por eso dependo mucho de la red 5G aunque tengo ese problema de que mi dispositivo no lo detecta. My device is new and I have never rooted it or made any changes

I didn't rooted it and it's still locked. I did got OTA updates but just some. I would've not get the November patch security if i didn't rebooted while in airplane mode. I've reverted it back to CN now. I've got it since a while and i've got that 5Ghz wifi not long ago.