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Where's Android 13?

Star II

Recently, browsing the internet, I noticed that the new phones will get Android 13, which is supposedly already out, and from what I read, Asus ROG Phone 6 should already have it or will have it, but as it turns out, this phone does not have it, because I'm still stuck in Android 12. May I know why ROG Phone 6 is still stuck in Android 12 and Google flagships etc already have Android 13?


Rising Star I

As a 13 beta tester be thankful you aren't dealing with the useless and buggy beta. I don't mind testing beta software but when the team doesn't listen to bug files and releases 2 updates in 3 months for the buggy software then i get mad. 

The only thing that makes sense to me is that asus has one or two guys working on software updates for every phone, laptop, mobo, monitor, etc. So their backlog makes it so they can't put time in one device. 


I'm putting my 6 pro up for sale soon cause of the lack of support and all the bugs, can't deal with a non functional phone.

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