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Where's Android 13?

Star II

Recently, browsing the internet, I noticed that the new phones will get Android 13, which is supposedly already out, and from what I read, Asus ROG Phone 6 should already have it or will have it, but as it turns out, this phone does not have it, because I'm still stuck in Android 12. May I know why ROG Phone 6 is still stuck in Android 12 and Google flagships etc already have Android 13?


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Zen Master I

A13 is in Beta Testing Phase, hang on a while and it will roll out. 

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They will and it's currently in closed beta testing. No date when it will be released

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Zen Master I

Don't hold your breath. They've already updated the older ZenFone 8. Asus are as useless as a fart in a windstorm

Well thats sad, how come they are updating the older phone faster then the newer one?

Because they are going downhill. They released the Rog 3 with a dodgy screen, the Rog 5 with a dodgy WiFi component which caused majority of Rog 5's to die and then they released the Rog 6 with ruined speakers aswel as other hardware faults. They are pretty much stealing people's money at this point. Honestly, you're better off selling your Rog phone & going for the red magic phone or the upcoming black shark phone. Asus are basically robbing you and everyone else , they're a bunch of incompetent degenerates 

My Rog Phone 6 actually doesn't have any issues or broken things, its actually working better then the newest red magic i had, so im going to stick with the ROG Phone but they should update it to Android 13