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ROG Phone 6 - NFC stopped working....

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  1. Model Name:  ROG_Phone6 16/512
  2. Firmware Version: 
  3. Rooted or not: No
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: allways after update to Android 12....
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): GPay etc...


NFC  stopped working for me from december 9 2022. ANd still after some updates from ASUS and app updated like GPay. ITs not working at all for payments.
Anyone having the same issue ? - it's total bull**bleep** for NFC module not working in a phone from this range. Some garbage phones that i still use have not a single problem like this.


I did factory reset, connections reset , turning off / on , turning on / off NFC , turning on / off bluetooth etc....

And after this i think that NFC on motherboard is dead....  but i have no time to put on RMA warranty..... and lose everything even if i do backup. 

Maybe someone had such issues and resolve it ?


Star III

Unfortunately, the same problem happened to me and the NFC doesn't work, even a factory reset didn't help. Now I'm waiting for the A13, which I hope will fix it, and if not I'll be forced to claim it

Well.... A13 didnt fix anything ... NFC is still dead. At least in my phone...ehhh RMA.

In my case the update to A13 didn't help either, the day before yesterday I sent my rog 6 for a claim to Asus

can You give some info when u will have Your Phone back ?

I mean if they fix it and now it works.

Or they will just give You new phone.

27.2) received it directly at the asus service center, when monitoring the repair they write that they are waiting for the delivery of a spare part, so it looks like they will repair it (replace the NFC chip) and send it back. Unfortunately, I don't have more info yet