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ROG Phone 6 Bug Report / Glitch Report

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ROG Phone Bug Report / Glitch Report

Note: I'm from Germany, my English isn't the best, but I'll try my best to explain the bugs in an understandable way.

Hello, I have been able to test the Rog Phone 6 extensively since August 4th, 2022 and have encountered a couple of software errors and problems which I would like to share with you.
Hoping, of course, that some skilled Asus programmers can come up with a great update that will benefit everyone 🙂

Software version: WW_32.2810.2206.97

It should also be noted here that I have prioritized all the apps I am writing about here in the settings such as battery use, data use and administration. So the apps are inserted as an exception so that they are not "slowed down or hindered, even in the background"... the battery is set to "dynamic" so that shouldn't be the reason

Due to the high effort, I have renounced a "sorting by priority".

So, let's go:

1. "One-handed mode scales window incorrectly".
- In one-handed mode, the bottom part is cut off from the apps and the home screen. For example, you can no longer see menu bars which are at the bottom of an app. This makes the mode, which is urgently needed given the size of the phone, unusable.

2. "One-hand mode triggering sometimes doesn't work properly"
- When triggered with the swipe down, the notification bar also appears. The one-hand mode is then active, but that's not how it should be. Suggestion: give us the option to start one-handed mode with a diagonal swipe from the bottom corner! That would be a solution for both right-handed and left-handed people and works very well in everyday life with other cell phones

3. "Access apps and take actions from the notification bar"
- e.g. you can NOT ALWAYS check off reminders on Google Reminders. Apparently after a long time the phone has no access to the app.
It should also be noted here that I have prioritized all the apps I am writing about here in the settings such as battery use, data use and administration. So the apps are inserted as an exception... The battery is set to "dynamic" so it shouldn't be because of that.

4. "Transfer phone numbers from websites directly to the "Phone/Calling app""
- Otherwise I know it so that if you mark telephone numbers in a browser, in addition to the usual selections such as "mark all, copy, translate" etc., the option "call" is also given

5. "Apps that were in the background sometimes do not have access to the WiFi Internet connection"
- Specifically, I noticed that the "MetaTrader" app did not display any live trading courses when I was only on WiFi and the app was previously in the background and the phone was locked for a while. This did not occur when using cellular data. The WiFi worked and I was able to open websites etc. When I closed and reopened the "Metatrader" app, or switched back to WiFi from mobile data, it worked again. So I suspect that there is a missing reference in some code target.

6. "Fingerprint sensor is very slow and sometimes doesn't work at all"
- there is nothing further to explain. I've set the maximum number of fingerprint scans and it's going really bad. Even without the original screen protector

7. "Permanent PIN query"
- The PIN is requested several times a day to unlock it 😕 that's really annoying and I don't know it from my other phones. After a restart, absolutely necessary! But not after 24 hours and not after 4 hours of inactivity. I'm sure many will agree with me. Please give us the opportunity to set or deactivate this yourself.

8. "Sampling rate of 720 Hz only hidden and difficult to activate"
- the sampling rate deserves its own button in the Game Genie menu, so that you can easily switch it on if you wish

9. "Night Light, or Eye Saver Mode as it should be called, also activates while gaming"
- that was not supposed to be like that. Games should bypass this mode. Or at least the option to be selectable via Game Genie.

10. "Playback volume / volume when playing music with Bluetooth headphones is sometimes too low"
- I turned the volume all the way up and turned it up to maximum on the Bluetooth headphones. It wasn't the usual maximum volume that was output. Turning the volume all the way down and then up again got it working again

11. "Constant Notification Sounds"
- there are always notification sounds when there are changes in the notification column, even when listening to music. Or watching videos in the browser. With actually every app that communicates something in a similar way to a music player (the so-called "banners are also affected". New song: bing notification, next song: bing notification. New video or similar Overcome the ad that comes before the video: bing notification. This is really annoying 😞

12. "Light sensor sometimes regulates very dark"
in low light conditions and the "automatic brightness" option regulates the phone very dark. It would be desirable if more consideration was given to the "manual correction" that is done manually. There is an option "Lock brightness" in Game Genie, but I had the feeling that this didn't work.
Suggestion: add a possibility to select a previously defined brightness with a button via Game Genie during gaming.

13. "With Airtrigger configuration: "Tap and swipe" the required pressure for typing is much too high"
- If you activate this, the required pressure to trigger a "tapping" is too high. I have already set the sensitivity to 1 in the associated options and can also see that I can theoretically trigger the buttons. But then it doesn't work in the game. Light touches are simply ignored.
Please give us the opportunity to have the same tap trigger conditions (sensitivity) for "Tap and Swipe" as for the "Tap" setting.

14. "My system lights don't show any charge status or anything"
- The system lighting works in Xmode when playing games. However, not outside of the games when loading or in other Situations i noticed so far

15. "Constant charging, or steady charging as it should be called, doesn't work"
- it says it's active and I've set it to both constant and ultra constant. In the evening, however, the phone charges to 80% with Hypercharge in 20-30 minutes and then it seems to wait until the next morning (scheduled charging is also active) and the phone is of course switched on. I've tried all possible combinations and never managed that it loads slowly.

16. "Bypass charging works, but why only in games?"
When the phones were announced, I actually understood that it generally has this function. It would make sense to be able to use this outside of Game Genie (e.g. on long car journeys and if you use the phone as a navigation system.

17. "LED only glows red orange green when charging"
- can the LED only have the two colors? Or shouldn't it be the case that the LED first lights up red, then orange, then yellow and from 80% green when charging?

18. "On calls, turn on/off the "loud"speaker from the notification window"
Unfortunately, there is no option to conveniently switch the speaker on or off. If you have to press the number keys during a call to be connected, you no longer see the original window to make such entries (loudspeaker on/off, record call...etc...)
Suggestion: Integrate the feature like everyone else, at the top of the notification bar

19. "Translation Error"
- It's not serious stuff, but for the impression I would have someone go through the menus to get the grammar and spelling mistakes removed. This will deter some and it doesn't necessarily look good for Asus in the German market.

20. "When minimizing Prime Video, the home screen does not work or freezes"
-If you minimize apps like Amazon Prime, they leave a small floating window where you can continue watching the video. When this change has taken place, I have a blank home screen and can't swipe left or right...only when I swipe up from the bottom does the home screen refresh and work again.(including the window from the video
-Similar is the error that when you navigate with Maps and say "hey google" the Maps is minimized and shows the small navigation window, instead of letting the Google Assistant work in parallel, as it should be.

21. "Airtrigger burst mode is missing"
- The gaming experience is almost perfect, but you forgot something important! With a real gaming phone you also have to be able to set a burst mode 🙂
So the possibility to set that if you continuously type the command on the screen has interruptions. Example: Burst mode with 0.1/0.5s. You press and hold the left air tigger. But the transmission is pressed for 0.1s...then 0.5s pause....0.1s pressed....then 0.5s pause.

Ok, that should be all I've found for now.
What I definitely find most annoying is the pin query that comes up so often, the problem with the one-handed mode which you can use given the enormous size, the slow and unreliable fingerprint sensor and the notification tones that have no reason... I first removed my music app from the Removed notification bar, but that's not a solution, it's just uncomfortable. Also, as I said, it's not just about music apps...

I hope this reaches a programmer who is really involved in the update development and I can thus do something / contribute to making the phone perfect. Because it definitely has potential.
I would be very happy to receive feedback if these lines actually reach a responsible programmer! And so that the quite lavish work (about 5h at this point...with the translation xD) for this bug report was not in vain 🙂

And now? let's play! See you on the battlefield!

Star III
Can I add: system lighting settings are incomplete. (non pro)
For the ROG logo, that has the option to go multi color, and do effects, the settings are missing for some options.
For instance, notifications can only flash (Asus calls this Strobing), and you can change color. Incoming call is only flash, and only light green, while for instance in-call or screen-on has all options with many lighting effects and color combinations possible.
For instance I would like my whatsapp notifications to be green, but since incoming call is already only green and unchangeable, now I can't. It's just strange.
All options should have all settings possible, like it is now doesn't really make sense.

Also I can confirm the fingerprint (6) is very bad here as well. Strangely enough, when laying in bed (different way of holding phone?) I get a 100% failure rate. During normal use it works about 60% of the time.
Also confirm 7, indeed annoying and too much.
Steady charging (slower with fast charger) (15) does work here, but scheduled charging doesn't. It always starts charging right away and stays at the limit I have set for the whole night.

Hall of Fame I
When it comes to fingerprint it's a hardware issue, much like the Rog5 it's actually garbage. People who work a lot with their hands don't even get to register their fingerprints.

Star II
Automatically switching off night light for gaming would defeat its purpose.

Star III
Do you need to activate the 720hz sample rate? it suppose to trigger on automatically.

-Only annoying bug that I've found, is that BT playback has some pauses and stutters at random intervals ONLY when screen is off, I've tried PowerAMP, Youtube and spotify, and they all exhibit the same behavior.
Also, it seems that the lighting system isn't working well.