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Refresh Rate HDMI output

Star I

Hy.i play pubg with my rog phone conected to a monitor .i dont know way the refresh rate get stuck at 60 hz when my monitor can work with 180 game genuie i can rise up my refreh rate...its stuck with 60 hz and says that refresh rate its managed by x mode



It could be dependent on the dock your are using, if you are using a dock, if it supports speeds higher than 60hz on that color depth, since it will try to match what's being used in the monitor.
What method of connection are you using?

I use a type C connection with HDMI with an Asus Swift PG248Q 180 hz monitor...I have another phone 6 that works to set the refresh rate as I want, but this it automatically locks at 60 hz...I use the connection on the side of the phone I attach pictures