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problem with copy files from asus rog phone to laptop/computer

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when trying to copy a folder with a larger number of files (for example several thousand), the copying process was interrupted after 2-3 minutes. I cannot transfer more files because of this, which is a huge limitation considering I have over 500 GB of internal memory. This issue occurs when connected to both an ASUS laptop and other laptops and desktops. The connection is established via the company's USB-C cable, as well as other third-party cables. I thought this was a problem only with Rog phone 3 but after purchasing Rog phone 6 it's exactly the same situation. Is there any way to do this? I'm not interested in sending files to the cloud or Google Drive, I just want to be able to transfer files normally, e.g. from a pendrive to a laptop and vice versa.


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Copying files from the phone to the computer is important to me because when taking photos of case files, I cannot then download them to a computer without Internet access at one time due to a strange limitation. Instead of copying 600 photos at once, I can copy 30-40 at a time

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dude u have a rog phone, right? open File Manager / Pc file transfer on your phone, click Start, go to your pc, open your browser and type http:/192.168.1.X:XXXXX - where X is whatever number is written on your phone after you click Start. works like a charm through your wifi, no need for cables