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overheated ROG Phone 6 screen is now unresponsive to touch and has bright vertical lines in display

Star I

Yesterday morning, when I went to unplug my phone from its charger, it was hot to the touch. There were no signs of malfunction the previous night. When I unlocked my phone, I noticed bright, vertical lines through the display (not the physical screen itself—the screen has no cracks). Shortly after, the area of my screen that I could operate via touch began to rapidly decrease. Within a few minutes, the entire screen would not react to touch at all, though my phone is otherwise still fully functional.

As of my writing this, I have force restarted my phone (I cannot power it off normally, as that requires me to touch the "power off" button on the screen), let the battery fully discharge, and fully recharged it. These resolved neither the lack of touch functionality nor the bright lines; the latter have only become brighter and more solid.


Rising Star II

Send it to repair center this is hardware problem


Hi @kelek272 

For this please make sure to contact your closest ASUS Service Center.