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No data and no voicemail notification followed by bootloop

Star III

Today (3/19/24) I went to check my phone and found I had received an awaited for text message and had 2 notifications stating the carrier had turned off mobile data and voice mail to my phone. When I checked with carrier (AT&T) they said they showed no changes in service. So I restarted my phone to see if that would help, now my phone goes to homescreen runs for a few seconds then resets and does it over and over again until it goes into airplane mode or says I can retry Android or factory reset. The phone goes into this fit when any form of data is active (mobile data or wifi). 

ASUS ROG Phone 6 Pro

Android version 14

Build number WW_34.0210.0210.24


Has there been any update on a fix for this issue? This is the second day now for me, I've tried 3 different SIM cards, in either ports with no luck. The moment it sees a SIM, it goes into a bootloop. 

So no update or anything? 

Hello everyone.
The users in the other post have shared logs and thanks to that the devs seem to have pinpointed the source of the issue, they are right now working and doing some testing.
Will get back with more info as I get it.

Awesome! Thanks for the update!

Still no fix for ROG 6 Pro?