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ROG Phone 6 - rebooting on its own, stuck in boot loop, camera and media access issue

Star I

I bought my ROG Phone 6 in October 2022.

After few to several months of use, I have encountered many incidents where the device suddenly freezes then reboots by itself. I realized over time that it happens most of the time when opening the camera and when accessing the media folder through a messaging app (Viber, Whatsapp, Messenger), i.e. attaching an image. It also happens sometimes with normal phone activities, e.g. browsing, etc.. There are also many times that the device will enter a boot loop after the incidents.

I have been updating the device regularly, hoping that it would fix the issue. However, after the most recent update, it seems the issue is happening more frequently. It's extremely frustrating and disappointing, especially on occasions when you need it the most.


Star III

Same here I didn't have this issue before on any phones that i had until this