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No data and no voicemail notification followed by bootloop

Star III

Today (3/19/24) I went to check my phone and found I had received an awaited for text message and had 2 notifications stating the carrier had turned off mobile data and voice mail to my phone. When I checked with carrier (AT&T) they said they showed no changes in service. So I restarted my phone to see if that would help, now my phone goes to homescreen runs for a few seconds then resets and does it over and over again until it goes into airplane mode or says I can retry Android or factory reset. The phone goes into this fit when any form of data is active (mobile data or wifi). 

ASUS ROG Phone 6 Pro

Android version 14

Build number WW_34.0210.0210.24


Star II

I updated to A14 on my ROG Phone 6 (AT&T too) Sunday morning and by Sunday night it has the same issue you're describing. My current temporary fix is to use my old phone (Galaxy S8+) as a hotspot and for texting. Seems like WiFi works with no problems once you remove the SIM card.


No clue what ASUS did in their update to cause this problem but it's extremely annoying.

Interesting, I tried your method of removing the SIM card and I am now able to connect the phone to the internet via wifi.... so this is an issue with the phone and the way it communicates with the SIM card.

Yeah and the weird thing is that it's apparently only happening with AT&T users. Not sure what's different about AT&T from the rest of the carriers but there is something apparently.

Star III

So I can still get calls and send text, but nothing that uses cellular or wifi data. It's essentially turned the phone in an early 2000s smart phone when you didn't buy the data package, Bunch of features I can't use.