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Navigation Bar Bug

Star II

So how does the bug happens? Pretty much random but frequently happens,

I don't think i need talk or describe it because i think pictures should be enough to make it easy to understand,

Please do not mind me and my friends messages and focus more on how the navigation bar is in the middle of the typing section and how it obstruct me from been able to use Instagram properly.



Hey @Neuro1999,
I couldn't recreate the issue, so can you please verify if the app has been updated?
Also, could you please share your device's FW version (Build Number)?

yeah the latest update seems to somehow fixed it. i cant seem to remember it happening again since the update. ill update the article should it happens again and ill try to be more specifc about how to recreate it.

as far as i can remember when i open instagram for the first time it works just fine, when i switch the app to another one and get back to insta, the bug appears,

but once i remove instagram from the device memory cache and reopen it again the problem is fixed temporarily until i switch out with another app. is what i was having before the update.

as of now its much more stable " thanks asus for the continuous effort to improve the ROG Phone Line up software wise "


Community Manager
Community Manager
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