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My Phone reach 38°C while playing really fast

Star III

My phone reach 38°c really fast while playing and the Battery It doesn't last long. I left the house at 8:30 with 94% and now it's 15:53 ​​and it's already at 64% and I've barely used it... Do you think there might be a defect?


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Its newer then me i stop on 166

But the info from my last post is the same


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Her you can find your battery usage /setting/akku

Screenshot for example

What do you think I should do? Do you think there is a problem?

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You need system infos

Install aida

Activate ultra battery save mode

Reboot the device

Wait 1minute in system after reboot

Start aida and go too cpu

Wait 30 seconds and check mhz

When mhz dont goes up after 30 seconds is all fine

Second: go to akku check discharge (mah) wait 30second and check mah range (lowest and highest usage)

Normal is 65-80mah max at 120 hz display