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My Phone reach 38°C while playing really fast

Star III

My phone reach 38°c really fast while playing and the Battery It doesn't last long. I left the house at 8:30 with 94% and now it's 15:53 ​​and it's already at 64% and I've barely used it... Do you think there might be a defect?


On Aida sometimes it reach 226 on ultra battery save and sometimes 72

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Its not so bad but rog 6 can better perfom

When you want best Situation you need factory reset the device

But this is your choice and how much you winning i cant say

Your system is ok and not bad but not best Performance but ok

Thermal heat at gaming is the new normal only "Aero Activ Cooler" is needed



In normal use it reaches a temperature of 31°... Is this normal too?

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No this is too much

Chech CPU in aida i think your cpu never stop work in idle

What can i do?

And on dynamic mode sometimes it use 340ma