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May we have unlocker tool as a christmas gift?

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hey asus, christmas is coming. will the unlocker tool be out at christmas? it is the biggest gift that we are waiting for


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@Laura_ASUS @Mansi_ASUS @Mattias_ASUS @Kris @Michael_ASUS @Titan_ASUS When will there be any information? The 4th quarter is ending, there is no official information, all requests from users are ignored. If developers need more time, why isn't anyone talking about it? Lack of feedback is worse than lag, and you're alienating your fans and users of your devices. My Zenfone 10 is just on its way to me, but I already regret the purchase...

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@Laura_ASUS @Mansi_ASUS @Mattias_ASUS @Kris @Michael_ASUS @Titan_ASUS

Any response on this

Now even Q4 is going to end when will Asus release Bootloader unlock tool.

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Check Xiaomi Bootloader trouble

All the same

Xiaomi change the way too root activate too

But at the same time, the Pixel can be easily unlocked without any difficulties, and for some reason no manufacturer anymore does what Asus did. Yes, they make it more difficult, but they don’t take away the ability to unlock and don’t play the silent game for an entire quarter. And given the mass of errors in Asus firmware on many devices and the lack of updates, trust in the company is disappearing.