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Display issues

Star II

So that's happen when display have for example dark image, it's also visible when watching vids and there is black border around video. I've checked on different OLED display in different phone(Samsung). And there is no such a thing. Also there is kind of red discoloration in the middle. Both always visible in low light environment. And no one tell me that's normal on OLED display. Quality of display is terrible,and want to sell that piece of crap... And oh didn't mention stereo issues with upper speaker. This phone is not worth almost 1000 euro. 


Star I

Got the same issue with display but mine is worse, got that whitening on top and bottom of the screen, also the upper spiker is worse than bottom one and sometimes doesn't work at all and I need to restart. Also few days ago my volume button got mushy and it's hard to set the right volume, such a crap phone.

You know there is alot of issues right now. For example ROG Kunai 3 using Bluetooth is recognised as Kunai 2 if I'm remember correctly 



For this issue I'd advice contacting your closest ASUS Service Center.

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Community Manager
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