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Rising Star II

So i have the Rog phone 6 and aero active cooler 6 

Also i saw somewhere that rog phone 7 have a fast option for aeroactive cooler settings change when play games ....

Why rog phone 6 dont have this option why is so hard to apply this option in rog phone 6 everytime i must exit from the game go in aero active cooler settings and change the speed from there ....

Also why i cant use always bypass charging this is good option i watch movies on my phone use it for navigation also do other thing and bypass charging is good option

Also when i use the Cooler in freezing mode i cant use bypass charging only work whit regular charging that charge my phone to full battery or to the limit 80% the problem here is when i have 50% battery or 60% at night i dont wont to charge my phone more before go to sleep this limit must be smaller becouse i wont to protect my battery better

Another thing is why we dont have a personal profile to set up the phone how to work i dont wont to use Xmode or Dynamic mode to set up my phone 

Another problem is when i setup all animation scale to 0 sometimes when i restart the phone or do other things this setting get reset 

Other problem is that when i make the phone to use 120hz 144hz or 165hz the GPU stay at max 900mhz no metter what i do and never change his frequency and the problem here is that when the GPU use max speed that make the phone hotter also tehe hove a games that can run at lower gpu speed at 120hz or 144hz whitout a problem also this drain battery a lot is not normal at homescreen to use 900mhz gpu speed at 120hz .... this is in homescreen whitout scroling or do anything i can proof that is a bug i can send a video how in games i can change this speed but its not so easy i must do few things and after this i can use 364mhz for Call of Duty at 120hz and get 120fps stabble

Also why is so hard for R&D department to make some small changes and insert some software features thats dont need so much work Its not normal when new model is made to forget the old one to forget the rog phone 5 and rog phone 6 ...

There are so much small thing that can be changed but this didn't happen and if happened it take a months for this 


I read it yesterday but the problem is thats no the first time when someone write about this problem about how bad and slow thing happened becouse i am sure if i check in the forum for similar post like this i will find even before rog phone 7 i remember that some people wont this to be change but it take months or years for some small improvements 

God, how I hate they steal your (and others) idea and only implemented them on the next device cycle. Greedy as hell.

Rising Star I

there will be no new features for rog 6 and 7, asus done with them. their focus are on rog 8, they will add some new features for rog 8, which they read from our ideas, and sell it to us

and you, you shouldn't ask them anything more. just wait for the release of their new phone and buy it, may the features you looking for will be there. if not, buy their next product and so on