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Can't receive calls or messages!

Star I

So in the last month or so after upgrading to Android 14 probably I have issues with like the main function of the device. Seems like when I start a game I go into a dead zone where no one can call or message me anymore. Even if I have left the game, swiped it to really turn it off, the device is dead as far as a phone function. The way it is fixed is restarting the device. Then I get the messages sent and a bit later the missed calls notification messages. I can't restart my phone every time! I am not using the Game Genie overlay function, there is an option to turn off calls there, I know. Also I have turned off all battery saving functions, in case that was the problem.  What support told me was to factory reset my phone. No! Way too many options customized and accounts connected. You will release an update that fixes the issue. I have paid big money for the device. Thank you.