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Camera, Fingerprint issues

Star I

Hello I have some issues recently with the camera, and also to unlock my phone with my Fingerprint.

Asus RogPhone 6

Camera issues:

- Camera App is freezing, some colors doesnt show corectly, the camera screen fliping vertical and horizontal, even if I didn't touch the phone.

Also somethimes when I start the camera app the phone turns off

Fingerprint issues:

The phone renently doesnt really want to unlock my phone, it says "I'm moving my finger to fast" no matter how gently and slowly I'm doing it 2/10 working. 

I tried to delete the old one, and create a new Fingerprint, but i cant set up a new one due the same reasons.


Star I

Same here.

Same Phone: Rog Phone 6 can't use the Camera even in other apps.

Fingerprint doesn't work either. 

Had to switch to face recognition. 

Honestly just sad.. almost 1000€ for a phone and then the most basic Phone functions stop working. 

I also read in another post, that the Camera issue might be a hardware-related Problem. If that's the case, and Asus doesn't reimburse their customers or provide an acceptable solution this will have been my last Asus phone. 


Star III

brand new $1254 here, same sh*t  😂😂😂

took me 2 days to set a finger. with one finger from my left hand, the right thumb absolutely refused to do it.

you know Asus, i worked hard for these money. also you know Asus, almost every crp i bought from you broke, headsets, monitor, one zenith mobo... at this point i guess i'm the only one to blame yet i think this "bit" of frustration that has build up is not unwarranted. wish i could meet some of those managers from Asus and ask them if they have no shame?? do they? obviously they don't.

curiously, lowering the brightness to half seems to help a bit with the finger sensor. tho it might just be my imagination.

ffs. shamelessly cash grab from such a big company. brand loyalty these days is absolutely stupid.

ps. @asus can you stop making these r3tard3d childish animated themes for Rog 6? Not every one is an 8 yold. You made this $1k+ phone solely for kids??

Which animated themes are childish to you? All the animated themes are on the standard of a gaming phone and the themes are based on games, I don't see any issue where the themes are for kids. If you dont like the themes than you can download your own loli animated anime girls directly from the internet.



For this issue I recommend contacting your closest ASUS Service Center.