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Bootloader unlocker

Star II

Sooo we are in Q4 now for a few weeks and there is still no unlock possible. Could we please get a response?


Star II

Has anything happened regarding unlocking?

There will be new version of unlock tool, Asus lied to me, lied to all of us... So I will keep my Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. 

Star III

Although I own rog 1,2,7, I am now tired of expensive bricks.

So will there be an unlocker?

No, they lied to everyone and now just show a brick wall, hundreds and potentially thousands (Hundreds confirmed) will return their device over this, they don't realise the enthusiast market that inhabits the zenohone line due to its inclusions others removed, this will have devastating consequences for them, as the consumer being unable to root their phone is devastating for them. They have chose a stronger relationship with google over their consumers, and it will have a price excess in what they will gain.

Important to note as to why:

The majority of consumers who are content with non rooted android google services ect, Opted for a different device, due to the low software updates of the zenphone line, the majority that rightfully don't care due to rooting capability will be a large makeup of zenohone customers, they have made a very serious mistake and it clearly stems from bad management given the number of communication differentials between the various teams.