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Bootloader unlocker

Star II

Sooo we are in Q4 now for a few weeks and there is still no unlock possible. Could we please get a response?



Hi, we released a statement for a couple of weeks ago but I can paste it here 🙂

Thank you for your support and attention to ASUS products. Currently, the unlock tool is undergoing a major revision. To ensure that this revision complies with all relevant regulations, we are working in collaboration with relevant authorities to confirm the tool's compliance with various regulatory requirements before its release. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Star II

Hello, I'm going to buy an Asus Rog Phone 6, but the lack of information about the possibility of unlocking the bootloader makes it impossible. Do we know any details? Currently, this phone is on sale in Poland. Can I have a link to the statement?

Asus Czech Republic informed me they are NOT DEVELOPING new version of unlock tool. So it it not possible to unlock bootloader anymore. They lied to us. I have lost money, because I payed for the phone I am unable to use the way Asus advertised on theiw own website several months/years ago. 

I believe you Pavel I've been using my ROG phone 6 in normal state and let me tell you it's incredibly boring and I have regrets after buying this phone.