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Bootloader unlocker

Star II

Sooo we are in Q4 now for a few weeks and there is still no unlock possible. Could we please get a response?


Star III

i have also bought a zenphone 8 2 monthes ago, as even if from 2020 it was still the small size i wanted for a 'recent phone' and other reasons. the unlocking was also one requirement so i knew i could make that phone live long even if there would not be any asus update anymore ,... but now it's a brick, as i can't open my boot loader

Star III

If there really is going to be no movement on this, then Asus seriously need to consider offering more than 2 OS updates per phone, for the price points, this just isn't on going into 2024. I'm not just talking about new releases either.
As it stands with the ROG 6 we're beta testing 14, and that's it, I still feel like I barely got the phone.

Star III

I am a long-time customer who purchased ROG1, 2, and 7, but I am writing this because I think it will be the last time.

Especially after purchasing 7 Ultimate and the experience was terrible.
There was no clear answer as to whether the bootloader could be unlocked, so I just wasted 6 months.
The reason you need to unlock the bootloader is because you need to modify the VOLTE settings to suit your country to make normal calls.

I worked hard by participating in the Android 14 beta program, but it is meaningless now.
This is because I got tired of waiting and tried many things and ended up with bricks.
You cannot expect any warranty or repairs.
I am now saying goodbye to ASUS.

Good luck to the rest.