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Bluetooth audio sounds muffled ROG phone 6

Star I

As the title reads my Bluetooth audio sounds muffled, grainy and muddy, it only happens when I use earbuds since my speakers and car works fine. This started happening after getting a new pair called the TOZO Golden X1's and using their app. Since then I've tried safe mode, factory resets, deleting all apps except for YouTube Music. I've tried altering the bit rates in developer options. I've reset the earbuds themselves. I have multiple earbuds that I've tried as well and they all do the same, sometimes it works normally but most of the time it's this horrible muffled grainy audio, and most times it'll connect, work normally for the first 30 seconds and then quickly change to mud quality sound, or if there's any sort of bass hit. If this occurs and I quickly change over to my car or speaker the effect continues for 30 and then goes back to normal. What else could I possibly try to fix it or is my device perhaps faulty?


I have the 512GB ROG phone 6 White. I tried to find the firmware version and actual model name but I can't see it in the settings. Any and all help will be appreciated. 


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Community Manager
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