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How to enable Wifi 6Ghz (6e) on ROG phone 6?

I just got a new wifi router that can transmit at 6Ghz (TP-link BE550)  but ROG phone 6 does not see the 6GHz wifi even through that spec does mention Wifi 6E support. How can I enable it? PS. My PC does see the 6Ghz wifi that transmits from the rout...

pureexe by Star I
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Diablo immortal FPS drop

Model Name: Rog Phone 6 FFirmware Version: 33.0610.2810.172Rooted or not: noFrequency of Occurrence: EVERYTIMEAPP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): DIABLO IMMORTAL HELLO CAN YOU GET FOX OR OPTIMIZED DIABLO IMMORTAL GAME TO THIS P...

Jeff-11 by Star II
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Câu hỏi thường gặp

Xin chào Asus , xin asus góp chút thời gian để chỉnh sửa về phần bong bóng chát đc k ạ vì nó là ảnh hưởng đến việc sử dụng Messenger và zalo của tôi và mời người , mỗi lần dùng nó bị đè và bị lỗi ở 2 phần zalo vs Messenger nếu được mong asus tách nó ...

Brushs by Star I
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broadmic test 2 and 3 fail

just got a brand new Asus ROG phone 6. I was talking on a video call with my girlfriend and she was saying that sometimes my voice is gone. I checked on the internet and microphone not working issue came up. I saw someone asked to use calculator and ...

Firmware issues

my rog 6 have some cameral issues how do i fix in .... Reset and hard reset also same problem...


Rog phone 6 update to android 13

Hi guys. How can I update my rog phone 6 to android 13? There is no auto update in settings and it is always showing that im up to date but it is only android 12. Appreciate guys if you can advice.

bamrsl by Star I
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Asus Rog 6 camera issue

My Rog phone 6 suddenly has a camera problem (behind cameras only , front camera is working ) .Every time when I open the camera app after 2-3 seconds there is a ticking sound and after that the app freezes and the phone resets itself. Also since thi...

Rog 6 zenscreen orientation

I'm still looking to use the zenscreen MB16ACE in portrait mode with a rog 6. I think something needs to be added actually at the software level on the phone. Works fine with a windows device

Motion photos possible on 6 Pro?

Hi, I'm coming from a Samsung Note20 Ultra which has a pretty great camera experience.Obviously the camera isn't the focus of the ROG Phone, but is it possible to take motion photos on the 6 Pro? I don't see any way in the default camera app. Is ther...

tartik by Star I
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