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Asus rog 6 update

Hello, Asus company has completely removed neither Android 13 nor the February security package for Asus rog 6

Camera problem

Rog phone 632.2810.2212.241Not rootI have a problem with back camera, when i move the  phone around opening the camera, the screen suddently turn back down with a yellow color. 

NHT86 by Star I
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VOLTE Indonesia Update

Hi all, some good news at last Telkomsel seems to support VoLTE for Rog Phone 6 and 5G network too. The only requirement so far is to call their contact center and enable the feature. To check if the sim card is 5G enabled visit this site using Telko...

Andrien by Star I
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Resolved! Camera

I got problem with my back camera. When i open the camera . It goes blank and lagging. 

Rog Phone 6 Snapdragon Sound

I'm using my Fiio UTWS5 snapdragon playing music if change to other app somtimes have mute around 1 second issue, will have any action to fix this issue? Thank you

Display issues

So that's happen when display have for example dark image, it's also visible when watching vids and there is black border around video. I've checked on different OLED display in different phone(Samsung). And there is no such a thing. Also there is ki...

Aero active Cooler6 keep disconnecting.

Model Name:Rog Phone 6Firmware Version:32.2810.2212.241Rooted or not:notFrequency of Occurrence: Each time usedAPP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Aero Active cooler 6 My Aero Active 6 cooler keep disconnecting while playing ga...

Macros UI in games

So  when i start macros, the UI appears here. How can i move it to any side? it covers important part of the screen. cannot find it in any settings

Goyt by Star I
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ROG phone 6 256/12gb wihite

Hello, I have a problem. Yesterday I bought a new rog phone 6. Today I tried to turn on the rgb logo in the sky but in armory creature it says I have not been able to meet the lighting conditions, it says even in the dark and in the sun, when I turn ...

Xcon by Star I
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"App drawer" search to "play store" issue.

1) ROG_Phone62) Your system is up-to-date33.0610.2810.613) not rooted4) constant5) App drawer - Playstore When I search something in app drawer and I select (search in app store) when I don't have the app. It constantly changes what I searched. Examp...