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Bad A/S service and camera bugs that appear after certain firmware

Star III


(My ROG Phone purchase verification photo)

As a ROG Phone series tradition, it has become a tradition for devices to break down after firmware updates.

All device may not always be problem-free.

This ROG Phone 6 has problems such as infinite reboots caused by firmware updates, and the device shuts down and doesn't turn on during reboot.

However, who would buy the device if the A/S was also poor?

My ROG Phone 5 suddenly did not turn on, so I requested A/S from the seller and delivered it, but there was no news after the seller sent it to the ASUS A/S center, so the seller contacted ASUS at monthly intervals, but ultimately received no response.

I negotiated with the seller and decided to receive a ROG Phone 6 cooler.

When I purchase and use a Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Samsung, or LG phone, if a problem occurs, at least after-sales service is available, but ASUS isn't.


A surefire way to determine the cause of this issue is to downgrade the firmware.
However, ASUS has already removed support for the Bootloader unlock tool and deleted all previous firmware.

Why? It is also strange that the firmware was deleted immediately after the problem occurred.


I am considering buying a redmagic or samsung phone.

redmagic have some software bugs, but game optimized phone

samsung have a lot game features, but world-wide support A/S and 5-year support OS.


Zen Master I

you rog 5 has tencent gaming. This was meant for the china market only, did the seller flashed the phone?

Yup. my rog 5 is tencent version and I sent to china seller to try repair device.

Zen Master I

did they flashed it with the usual firmware? cause tencent with global rom is not the usual config. did he do the same for your 6?

I purchased the tencent version and used the tencent firmware as is.


And ROG 6 was purchased from amazon, both devices isn't rooted and no bootloader unlocked.