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Asus ROG phone 6 Battery Drain Issues after recent update.

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After updating to the latest update of Android 13 no, my device is not rooted, and Having really, really bad, massive battery draining issues, This morning, I charged my phone around 8:00 o'clock and I woke up, and it was. almost 9:00 o'clock. I missed my alarm because the freaking phone died while I was asleep. I'll also had it in the ultra power save mode as well.


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I have no idea what is a media server running but whatever it is, it's killing the battery extremely fast.

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You need a factory reset

Source XDA


Hi, after updating some services might work a bit extra, when this is happening it's good to clear the cache or as mentioned above, to do a factory reset, that way you'll get a clean start. 

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I am facing this problem too + touch is not the same as it was used too. Itseems to be not working as smoothly as it used to since the update. Gyro and swiping has taken a hit. I have to enable gloves mode before playing games athough I dont use any sleeves, but still can feel the touch has changed a bit. With gloves mode, you cant do normal operation like chat etc so disabling/enabling is not something I want to do. I doubt if clearing cache can fix this but can give a try. I did clear cache for all the apps using mobile manager. Is that what you are looking for? @Mattias_ASUS