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Asus Rog 6 camera issue

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My Rog phone 6 suddenly has a camera problem (behind cameras only , front camera is working ) .Every time when I open the camera app after 2-3 seconds there is a ticking sound and after that the app freezes and the phone resets itself. Also since this problem appeared I also noticed an overheating problem.

Model name : Asus rog phone 6

I contacted with asus customer service and i send it to them, after 20 days they told me that they didn't fix for the following reason: 

- The cost estimate for a paid repair was rejected by the customer.



 - The repair costs are higher than the difference between the replacement value and the residual value.



 - The spare part required for the repair is not available.

They didn't send any email about the cost that means because of the other reason they couldn't fix.

What should i do know any one have any idea?


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Odd I also got am oow notice I'm the ticket yet I never received an update about any payments

And got it back free of charge repaired and all

What country are you in?

I live in Germany, actually i contact again the service team after i got that email and they told me, they fixed my phone and that Email was sent by mistake.


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The only permanent solution for this is NOT TO USE THE STOCK CAMERA APP

Instead download another camera app from the app store, and you will be fine

because i have this same problem, and this is the only permanent solution for this

No, I used Google gcam and it strait up crashed the app so bad actually that anything requiring access to the camera would have the phone crash