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Air Trigger Problem ROG 6 After Update

Star II

Hi all,

I'm facing issue in ROG 6 build number .260 where after the update, my air trigger is not as responsive as before. When I use it, it felt like released suddenly, where my finger was still push the trigger. 

My phone was in good condition, not ever been broke/falling down. Somewhat, after the update, it bring the error.

Is anyone face the problem same with me? 



I hope not, otherwise some people will consider buying another Asus cell phone.

Star II

Ive noticed if you modify the airtrigger button location while the game is opened (and save the new spot) it repairs the bug until you close the game.... just a temporary way to use it while asus works on a permanent fix

That really seems to work, thanks MarcosBichara for the tip, then at least you can play until Asus fixes it permanently.

It's still not great I tried it but it seems n bit laggy when pressing wonder if Asus will ever fix this issue 😔 

Hi @MarcosBichara thanks for your tip, but still my air trigger unable to respond my finger after remap the location button.

But after I try several method, seems I found the best way to make it normal again (until the developer fix this bug).

Here is my method:

1. Do not choose single tap button, otherwise, choose "dual control (tap & swipe)

2. Choose only the first tap location for mapping the button, let the two location blank nowhere (not located on button in game)

3. Please refer to my screenshot, I only use location to map my button in the right bottom as attached picture

In this method, my air trigger feels responsive as before. I don't know if you or others can feels the same as I am. At least, it cost nothing to try.

And also, @Mattias_ASUS could you check to the devs, perhaps the bug is in beta feature like the tap & swipe button?