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Air Trigger Problem ROG 6 After Update

Star II

Hi all,

I'm facing issue in ROG 6 build number .260 where after the update, my air trigger is not as responsive as before. When I use it, it felt like released suddenly, where my finger was still push the trigger. 

My phone was in good condition, not ever been broke/falling down. Somewhat, after the update, it bring the error.

Is anyone face the problem same with me? 



I'm facing problem again after the 267 update now I shoot with left trigger if I keep it in it does not deactivate it carrys on shooting 

The update didn't help me either

Yeah it worked first day or 2 fine and it's started again same problem

Star III

I haven't got update yet as I got ten cent version when will Asus give to us to download manually 

Star I

Just now recieved & downloaded the security patch update. Air Triggers are working normally. Much needed this update.