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Aero active Cooler6 keep disconnecting.

Star I

Model Name:Rog Phone 6

Firmware Version:32.2810.2212.241

Rooted or not:not

Frequency of Occurrence: Each time used

APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Aero Active cooler 6 

My Aero Active 6 cooler keep disconnecting while playing games without any reason,  connecting and disconnecting is interrupting my games . I've tried restarting the phone , already installed the lastest software update and cleaned the USB c ports. Auto shutdown settings if mix turn off also was disabled. Any solutions?



I connect the kunai using the bumper case (kunai gamepad is set to USB)

Also, the fan disconnect when i remove the charging cable. Not from frozen to frosty, but it days fan is removed. Even when it's not. My fan is not loose same with the usb-c cable.

@Hecatoncheires @moluskamenace Is this still happening with the new update?


I'm not sure if I have updated my Aeroactive cooler 6 and Kunai gamepad. I haven't connected them for a few days. I tried updating them but the automatic update did not appear. So far, I have yet to encounter the problem again. I am still testing. Will update you after a few hours. Thanks

Hi @Hecatoncheires Please let me know, thanks