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Will the phone work 144hz with Asus TUF GAMING CAPTURE?

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Hi there,

We know that the phone will cap its refresh rate at 60hz when connect with hdmi to video capture card (currently I am using Avermedia GC513)
If I use the device that accept higher refresh rate like TUF GAMING CAPTURE BOX-CU4K30
Will the phone display at 144hz at its screen while streaming? I do not care what refresh rate is in the streaming. I just do not want the phone to change its setting to 60hz.

It was so painful to play a game at 60hz when streaming especially the touch sensitivity drops by tons.
Please Asus confirm if the TUF capture device will solve this. I'm going to buy one.



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@Itti8899 The resulting refresh rate of your ROG Phone 5 display will be decided by the lowest value in your setup, which is 60 Hz using the Avermedia GC513.
Since the CU4K30 supports 144 Hz passthrough at 2K and 240 Hz at 1080p, you should be able to play games on your ROG Phone 5 at 144 Hz with the capture card connected.