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Rog phone 5 headphone issue

Star I
On the recent WW the headphone output seem to be lower. Does anyone have ideas to help increase output.

Community Legend I
If it's the volume of the phone (voice) I don't think you can do anything, at least just.
For music, there are multiple apps on the store, like Volume booster, I haven't tested any because the volume suits me so I can't tell you if there is one that works, it depends on the phones.
The volume depends on the impedance (Ohms) of your headphones, low (8-16-32) gives a louder volume, high (64, 128, +200) gives a lower volume

Star I
So 200 ohm would push it as hard as it can go ?

Community Legend I
no, it's the opposite, some examples
Portable device applications: 16-50 ohms
Hi-fi: 60 ohms or more
DJ: 60 ohms or more
Studio pro: 250 ohms or more
In-ear monitoring: 16-50 ohms
retrieved from the rog.asus site.
The hi-fi ESS 9280AC digital-to-analog converter that powers this jack can automatically sense headphone impedance to deliver the right amount of power at all times, no matter what's plugged in, and it can even support audiophile-grade headphones with impedances up to 1000 Ohms
This is partly true, it is the characteristics of the 9280AC, but I would love to listen to the sound and volume that the rog 5 is able to send to a Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO, 250 ohms and especially to compare them with the versions 32 and 80 ohms from the same headphones.
and see the battery consumption with the 250 ohms lol

Zen Master I
Hi @Frog,
Which brand of headphones are you using?
Can you try try comparing it with a different mobile device using the same headphones if you could?