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Wifi is not working in Rog 5s

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I have purchased my ROG 5S on Oct 2022 exactly after 1year now Oct 2023. Ever since I updated my device to Android 13, I have faced a lot of UI issues. Today Oct 16, the device rebooted and when it came back on the Wi-Fi stopped working. When i try to switch it on from the draw menu, it will stay on "Turning On" status. If I close the drawer and open it up once again, it will go back to switch off status. If I try and switch it On from the settings menu, the button will be greyed out and will not switch on.

If I switch on the hotspot, it will throw "Error" message.

Seems like Asus is rolling out updates without testing them completely. 

There is no service centre in Coimbatore or near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

I have contacted their service personally. They asked me to boot into safe mode which did not work out. Next they asked me to factory reset the device.

I have tired both methods but not at all working 

This is not good for a company which charges a premium amount for their device and it fails within just 2 years.


It would be great if it is possible to roll back the updates and go back to Android 12 at least for the time being until they iron out al the existing issues.

Last Update release: 33.0210.0210.235

I didn't expect this from asus, I have my asus rog strix laptop but I didin faced only few small problems, because of that only I believed and purchased this phone it is one of my dream phone but never ever expected this,

I have seen thousands and thousands of peoples are suffering for the same problem which is worst things ever I was seen ##worstmobileever 



Please let me know your post service experience, bro

Star II

for sure bro ill let you know