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Wifi dan hotspot error

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Apakah saya bisa mengajukan pengembalian uang seperti para pengguna lain, karena Asus ROG Phone 5 saya mengalami masalah pada wifi dan hotspot yang tidak bisa nyala?

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Only for europe because that's the policy at there

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Only for europe because that's the policy at there

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There is no unconditional refund policy in the EU, especially for a broken device.
This is according to the seller's policy and generally quite easy if the device is from the dealer and not from a third party seller.
Example if I buy a MOTO G100 from Amazon it can come from
(1) Sold by Amazon or (2) Sold by Electrovoice
Case (1) If it breaks down in 2 years I am sure that it will be refunded at the purchase price if Motorola cannot repair or replace it very quickly
Case (2) if the third-party seller is serious (rare) it will be sent for repair but in most cases, I will only have to use it as a paperweight.

All other reimbursement cases apply to devices in working order.
It goes from 14 days to 30 days depending on the reseller but can go to 90 days (Amazon at the moment) or even 12 months (80% of the new price at rueducommerce)
The moto g100 that I just ordered I have already planned to return it before January 30th and if it is really good to order it for 12 months of use and change it with my 80% refunded.
Obviously, for an ROG 5 it is impossible, you have to return the device in working order !!!!

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kami butuh solusi ya