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Why does google accounts setting show me that my device was active 270 days ago ?

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My Asus Rog phone 5 , which I brought on Feb 2021 and stopped working on the first week of March 2022 is shown to be online just over 270 days ago? 

When contacted Asus I was told that the motherboard has to be changed , and that it would cost me around 42000 to fix the phone . Due to negligence from the Asus team that provided misinformation , which caused a chain of decisions and ultimately led to me asking Asus service center in Ernakulam , Kerala  to E-recycle the device parts in the month of September 2022 . 


Today when I was checking my google account settings it asked me to take care of the Rog phone 5  in the SIGNED IN DEVICES section , It showed me that the phone was online 270 days ago . But that doesnt make sense since today marks over a year since , let me quote "Motherboard died and we can do nothing since the warranty has expired(it was less than a week after the warranty expired) so the only option is to replace the motherboard and yes the data will be removed as well" . 


My parts could be reused which could have led to a false notification , but that means the motherboard had to have been fixed or that the problem with it was different and I was given a wrong diagnostic that led me to believe that my device cant be fixed which led to me tell Asus service to recycle my Rs 50,000 phone. So what sense does it make to ask me to pay a sum of Rs 41,000 to replace a dead motherboard which could have been fixed in the first place ? Can someone please explain ?


Star II

I wonder why no one is replying to the thread