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VoLTE and VoWifi

Star II
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Asus needs to confirm whether VoLTE and VoWifi will be working on this device! I don't see anything in the tech specs and clearly nothing I see anywhere from Asus.
This needs to be addressed.

Zen Master I
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Zen Master I
I'll agree with you. It's something they need to address as it's a feature that end the most basic phones have, but a "flagship" not having it is kinda the opposite of what a flagship is

Zen Master I
Oh nevermind I did t see you posted this in the rog 5 section.

I'd be interested to see if it does or not, if it doesnt support it then it's literally a cashgrab for them at this point, VoLTE should be standard, it's 2021

Rising Star II
They should as I understand the issue was more the license than implement in software, since they already paid for it for rog 3 don't see why they won't just integrate it in rog 5