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The more firmware updates, the worse it will be Worse and worse

Community Legend I
For a correction we gain at least two new bugs
When will the € 999 phone be unusable for Christmas or New Years? maj 200, 201 or 299?
Here is a summary of my state of mind after 2 days with the .199

In details
Charging the battery, bug introduced in .151, not repaired with .188 nor with .199
Test with a Motorola QC4 27w charger, not Asus therefore, BUT
what was to happen, happened, all our supermarkets have a relaxation area with smartphone charging and the charging behaves as with the QC4 27w, no outlet charges the phone, neither at "crossroads" nor at "Leclerc" ,
The phone detects Fast Charge, you can select stable or Hyper Stable but after an hour the 10% is still 10%
So go shopping with a 100% charged phone 😞 or bring your ASUS charger.

RR3 forced to reinstall it regularly from Firmware .151 and .188
With the .199 at the end of a race or at the end of a commercial, RR3 suddenly closes and we have to restart it. Luck, not yet had to reinstall it.

com.qti.slaservice is unresponsive, introduced with firmware from the end of August and reported by several users, still in the same state.

Finally, with the latest one, .196, ArmoryCreate does not respond. either on return to normal after ultra durable mode or after deactivation of airplane mode.
I was going to forget, in 72 hours, 5 loss of 4G communication, neither on the games, nor on the Internet, forcing to activate the Airplane and to deactivate it. 3 Relatives with me are also with the same operator and do not have this problem. The antenna is on the roof opposite at 40m.

So I'm going to finalize an order on the occasion of Black Friday and look for a person I don't like to sell him my Rog 5. fed up