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Sudden Shutdown

Star I

When I have warranty they somehow done the repair. After receiving my phone I have used only 2 days and now I am facing the same problem. And now, Asus Customer service is telling me that “if you want to repair your phone you’ll have to pay for the services”. Great 🫡👏 

Never going to buy Asus products from now on



I have sent the message to you again, please check.
Thank you.

Star II

I feel you bro! It's so disappointing. The quality is not durable at all. They are going to lose the trust of the customers and loyalty. Such a shame.

same here , a few days back the wifi on my rog phone 5s stopped working after a firmware update , took it to the store and they quoted me a repair bill of Rs 43000 (~$520) , i was pretty shocked as the phone was worth rs50000 at launch (~$600), and this is a pretty common issue plaguing all the rog 5 series phones , asus should offer a free board replacement as this seems to be a widespread issue, i have contacted support and told them to escalate my case , if they do not do anything i'll file a case with consumer complaints in India as i've seen alot of people do 

Also i went to a local repair shop which does board level repair , they quoted me rs 2000 for replacing the Wifi chip/ic , if nothing comes of this and since asus doesnt assure you that the issue will not come back after a replacement i may go with the option of just replacing the chip/ic. 

Asus rog makes some pretty cool laptops graphics cards power supplies and motherboards which im proud to own but i cant say the same about this phone as it didnt meet my expectations, i would still buy rog components for a pc but never planning to buy another phone from asus