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Sound has stop working for media, phone calls and notifications

Star I

Basic information:

Model name: Rog Phone 5s

Firmware: 18.1220.2111.160

Not rooted

I have an issue where there is no sound for the following functions:

Media, ringing, notifications or in the earpiece for phone calls. People can hear me talking but I can't hear them. What would be the issue?


Hi everyone. I also have same problem happened on Monday 10.4.2023. There is no sound on videos,music,phone calls on my Rog 5. I did factory reset and didn't help. I remember i was updating some apps on Play store,and had WiFi hotspot on. Then when i plug in my Cooler my sound disappeared. If anyone knows what is happening pls let me know. Tnx in advance 

Community Manager
Community Manager
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