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So After Updating to the latest OS update a few days prior, my phone froze and died.

Star III

After I updated my phone with the latest October software, which I can't quite recall, it was supposed to make the system more stable. However, my phone suddenly stopped working and hasn't turned on since.

My phone is no longer under warranty, and I'm pretty sure it's another motherboard problem. It had the motherboard replaced for similar issues during the warranty period.

Do you have any idea how much it would cost to replace the motherboard of an Asus ROG 5 with 16/256 specs in the Philippines, and do you know where I can get it done?

It's disappointing because I'm a big fan of ROG phones. My ROG 3 had to be refunded due to charging issues and a lack of replacement options. So, I used the refunded money to purchase an ROG 5, but now it's also giving me trouble. Meanwhile, my Samsung Note 9 and S10+ are still going strong without ever needing repairs. It's as if my ROG phones don't want to cooperate.

I would really appreciate your assistance. Thank you very much.


Star III

Same happened to me, just now. I updated mine 3 days ago while my Redmi 4X is still alive and good 😞 . Died after 3 years, a motherboard replacement should cost me about 120USD. 

here's what happened:

I was playing Honkai Starrail on 30fps and bypass charging [no lagging] {25C temp at 86% battery charge} with a phone cooler then suddenly it freezes then shutdown.  It did reboot successfully but after 5 mins the screen glitches (particularly on the upper part {wifi, battery area display} with green and white lines . It won't turn on nor charge. 3 days ago after I updated it, my battery usage would display that my phone charge would suddenly spike at a higher percentage while idle then goes back to it's normal percentage. Ex. battery charge at 70% then I idle it for an hour it goes to 85% after I use it again for a minute or so, it goes back to 70% battery charge. Ampere and battery care says my phone is good and have a good charging habit. I always charge it at 30% - 40% to 90% with a phone cooler and it still has 2 days battery life while idle according to battery usage and I can still play heavy games for about 2.5-3.5 hours on it before it reaches 30%-40% battery charge. Any help would be much appreciated.

Ya the latest update has messed up with the battery stats. It doesnt shows screen on time and battery graph has strange spikes and after the charge upto 90% or 100% doesnt reset the graph anymore. 


I guess its best if you don't play heavy apps on your phone until they fix this next update or it might glitch and die like what happened to mine. Now I am think if I should waste money and send my phone to be repaired or just buy a PC or get a good other brand gaming phone.

Official update period is over for rog phone 5. So its very unlikely to get updates.