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ROG5 bad performace

Star II


I'm experiencing trash performance on my rog 5. 


With battery adv settings with temp, cpu and memory all to maxed I get 19 (nineteen!!) fps on seemingly low end games - Titan Quest precisely.

I had the same with Dysmantle. 

Curiously looking for at real time info I have CPU and GPU at 30% and temp at 26c.

So the game runs terribly, BUT the phone is not at full capacity. It seems like the phone is simply capped somehow into not using its full power.

Basically, atm I've a high end phone that runs like a redmi 7. 

Phone details

Model Name: ASUS_I005DA

Firmware Version: would love to post, not visible in hardware info....

Rooted or not: no

Frequency of Occurrence: always

APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Any game, experienced recently on titan quest and Dysmantle

Additional info: the Moyherboard got recently replaced due to camera issues.

Any suggestion? 




Star III

Is problem exists on other games? Some developers have low optimisation level and bugs inside software. I will start from testing how phone works on benchmark tests for example.

Thanks, yes, I've this problem with other games. The last one was Dysmantle, a pretty recent game that really ran like crap. Anyway, how do I run a benchmark, any app to suggest me or something Asus would consider "official"? 

Zen Master II

Disable your games from game genie and you will get rog 5 max performance

Game genie is the culprit that makes your performance limited

Well, I must say that with that specific game disabling Game Genie actually increased the performance. I was very surprised honestly 🙂